Integrated Landscape Management (ILM)
We helped 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People (1000L) to produce an animation intended to explain Integrated Landscape Management (ILM), an approach that aligns sustainable development with biodiversity conservation.
They were looking for a creative partner to help them present this project in a visually appealing format that clearly explained ILM in a way that would appeal to a lay audience, as well as policy makers and land managers.

1000L is a radical collaboration of change agents working together to accelerate landscape efforts to sustain and restore ecosystems, build rural prosperity and confront climate change.
1000L is convened by EcoAgriculture Partners and co-led with Rainforest Alliance, Commonland, Conservation International, the United Nations Development Programme, and information technology leader Tech Matters.
Together, these organisations already engage with over 250 Landscape Partnerships worldwide and are positioned to provide a strategic bridge with international and national programs championing Landscape Partnerships.

We collaborated on the scripting, illustration and animation. 
The main goal for us was to explain how ILM contributes to accelerating landscape efforts to sustain and restore ecosystems, build rural prosperity and confront climate change.

The idea was to develop a story that was both visually appealing and informative for the audience. With a style that could easily be associated with the organisation's identity and ethos.
To achieve this we looked at the 1000L framework, as well as analysed the organisation from a branding perspective.
We started to look at their brand image as a baseline to create a colour palette that would not only work for this video but also for future projects.
Design-wise, we propose a stylized look and minimalist illustration style to build branding consistency and create a strong visual identity that could define the organisation’s look and feel going forward.
To illustrate different scenes and habitats, our proposal was to show a variety of aerial shots and close-ups that could reveal the big picture as well as the small details, highlighting the key points of the story to reinforce the message.

We hope that this piece of animated content will facilitate and accelerate the adoption of more sustainable land management practices, restore ecosystems and build rural prosperity to confront climate change.
Click play to watch the final result.
"It was amazing how Motion Aptitude was able to take our concepts, script, and verbal ideas and turn them into this educational and fun masterpiece."
Brianna Van Matre | Communications Associate at EcoAgriculture Partners