Bringing your message to life with animation is exciting and a great way to reach a wider audience!

If you're new to animation, we help you understand the process and ensure that you are happy with the outcome.

At Motion Aptitude, our step-by-step approach keeps you in control throughout the entire process, allowing you to approve the script, storyboard, design, audio, voiceover, and finally the animation.

When commissioning an animation or motion graphics piece for the first time, the process isn’t always intuitive and the nature of sign-off at each stage can seem a bit daunting, especially at the early stages, but we're here to help and guide you through it.
Whether it's a 1-minute explainer video to present your most recent report to the world or a 30 seconds animated video to launch your next campaign, the following steps illustrate our workflow.

1. Briefing
We review your objectives and goals to fully comprehend the story you wish to convey as well as your target audience, deadline, and budget. 
From this process, we will develop your script, illustrations, and style based on the most relevant information.

2. Scripting
Regardless of whether you want to write your own script or need help putting together your story, you'll always have the option of steering, amending, and finally signing off your script.
It is the first major milestone of the project, once approved, we can move forward to the next stage.

3. Storyboarding
Based on your brief, brand guidelines, and script, we create a number of style frames, these can be rough sketches with a few final scenes that will show you the overall mood and style of the animation.
Additionally, we describe how we plan to animate the scenes along with the voiceover.

4. Voice over
We can help you find the right voice to suit your story and budget. 
It is also possible to use your own voice artist if you already have your favourite one.

5. Animation
Now that the script, storyboard, and voice-over have been approved, it's time to start animating.
This is where your story starts to come to life and the animation begins to take shape.
Time to get excited! 🤩

6. Audio mix
The voice-over, sound effects, and music are mixed together to complete the animation. Hooray! 🙌🥳🎉

7. Final sign off
The animation is exported to your specifications and delivered to you! 
Now we can relax and enjoy a cup of tea! Or… a beer 🤪 🍻?!

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